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I’m so 1008

I have a new sewing machine and it’s got that boom boom POW. I’m still playing around with it but hopefully you’ll see some actual productivity out of me now! I finally sewed up the bodice to a Vintage Vogue pattern I’ve had cut out for 2 years now only to find the fit is way off. The next new toy on my shopping list is a dress form so once I get that buddy maybe I’ll actually tackle the fit issues. Only time will tell, friends.

Other projects in the works are a bunch of miscellaneous house things with yet ANOTHER new toy, also hopefully an etsy shop soon!

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Summer of Dresses Part I

Oh hey blog!

I made a dress!

This dress!

The only pictures that looked right are the ones of me running like an airplane. Thank you John 🙂

I bought the fabric (a heavy, stretch seersucker) at mood yesterday (OH MY GOD it was heaven), printed the pattern at Kinkos, and 4 hours later BAM a dress appeared.

I’m writing here that I solemnly swear I will make like, at least 5 more dresses this summer. And post pictures and stuff. If people are interested I took process pictures but most of them were photobombed by Gershwin…

I wore my dress today and it was lovely! 🙂

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