The First Lady on Style

“My motto is I have to feel good in it; I have to wear what I love. I try to be thoughtful about spreading the wealth: young designers. Mixing things up is important to me. But my day-to-day wardrobe choices are very practical. I’m like, what’s the temperature? Am I going to be sitting on the grass? Will I be playing with kids — because I usually want to.” As for her shopping habits, Obama admitted, “I don’t buy it if I don’t love it. Everything in my closet is something that I love so that I can make choices based on what makes sense, knowing that I’m going to love whatever it is.

I don’t want to waste anxiety on something as limited as clothes. I’d rather be anxious over the issue, or worry about the remarks, or think about the veteran that I’m talking to and making sure I’m listening and paying attention; the clothes are just the secondary part or the third part of what is happening over the course of the day.” Obama’s secret to erasing that anxiety is simple: “If I’m comfortable in what I have on, that’s second nature, and then all my attention can go to the people in the room that I’m with at that time, and I don’t have to worry about whether something is riding up or whether my feet hurt.” -Michelle Obama

for more on Michelle Obama’s style check out Mrs. O, where I found this image and quote


Apartment Musings

ahhhhhh, a big white room.

I am feeling a little under the weather so I took the day off, sat in bed, and watched a lot of food network. I also did a little revamp on this blog and I’m happy with the changes I made. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I recently moved into an awesome apartment and I love it. This one, stupid thing is bothering me about it and I can’t decide where to go with this decision. All the walls are off-white and I, for some deep-seeded unknown reason, really despise off-white. If my walls are going to be anything other than bright white they better be something interesting. There’s a lot of wall space in this apartment, and painting would definitely be an investment of time and money. For some reason, I can justify painting the whole space like a crayola box as a true design move, but I’m at a point in my design tastes where I don’t really want bold color on the walls. This is where I get stuck. Is painting an entire apartment pure white really a design choice? I think it would change my sense of peace in the apartment, and I almost can’t believe I’m saying this publicly because it sounds so stupid. I should probably also disclose I’m on lots of cold medicine…

Has anyone else given white paint this much thought before?

I’m so 1008

I have a new sewing machine and it’s got that boom boom POW. I’m still playing around with it but hopefully you’ll see some actual productivity out of me now! I finally sewed up the bodice to a Vintage Vogue pattern I’ve had cut out for 2 years now only to find the fit is way off. The next new toy on my shopping list is a dress form so once I get that buddy maybe I’ll actually tackle the fit issues. Only time will tell, friends.

Other projects in the works are a bunch of miscellaneous house things with yet ANOTHER new toy, also hopefully an etsy shop soon!

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People in Love

We have an adorable couple fronting our nation, and that’s a-ok by me.

more here


Advocates for Injured Athletes

The Mallons were my second family growing up. This is important. If anyone you know plays a high school sport and you want to learn more never hesitate to contact them at


Good evening Upper East Siders

I’m moving to the east side! Bye bye C train. 6 train, you and I are gonna be fast friends. Stay tuned for apartment pictures and photo documentation and tutorials of the many DIY projects I’m sure to tackle. Maybe some of them will work! Maybe some of them will fail hilariously! Only time will tell, friends.

Until then, “you know you love me. xoxo…” – gossip girl

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I had an unusual experience today on the subway. I was waiting for about 10 minutes for a train in a heat wave that I’m sure every corner of the world has already heard about. I was carrying two grocery bags, literally dripping with sweat, and looking like a person does when they are carrying grocery bags in a 100° subway station. When I get on the train a man offers a promotional flyer and says, “You should read this.” I say, “No thank you,” to which the man responds by literally throwing the paper at me. I let it fall to the ground, and I notice the logo on the card says “EAT Campaign” and “Beauty Extinct”. I was mildly curious as to why this man singled me out on this car to be the recipient of this message, so when I got above ground I quickly googled it on my phone. The campaign is fighting eating disorders, excessive dieting, and “how beauty is lost”.

He describes beauty loss as the negative effect of not eating enough and how your physical appearance changes due to a lack of nutrients, such as thinning hair or bad skin.
Needless to say, being singled out as the target for this campaign, in a car where I was far from the only young woman, made me feel sort of icky. I have read through his website and believe in everything he is campaigning for. I have no objections to his message and think this is the kind of thing that people do need to see. What my problem with all this is is he singled ME out on this train, and then looked devastated when I left the paper on the floor.

On the website there is a picture of the founder and I’m fairly certain it’s the man I encountered on the train. This is editorializing for sure, but I imagine he saw me standing there, looking skinny, pale, and exhausted, and decided that I needed to hear his message. So this is my message to that man:

You don’t know me. By choosing me as the recipient of this message you’re essentially saying that I fit the physical bill for that “beauty lost” concept, and that is kind of hurtful. I actually am struggling with my health; I am currently anaemic and it has nothing to do with dieting or starving myself. There are many conditions that can lead to that loss of beauty you describe, and assuming that because of my gender, age and physical build that I am anywhere close to starving myself is unfair. I certainly don’t feel that I am “beauty wasted,” as your website puts it. Keep on fightin’ that good fight, but leave women whose circumstances you don’t know alone. Never target a single person.

I by no means feel that there were any bad intentions in this exchange, but he made me feel worse about my physical appearance being effected by my health, over which I have little control, than I already did. It certainly made me think, which I suppose is part of the goal, but making me a little more resentful of the body I should be nurturing back to health is far from it.


A Softer World

One of my favorite web comics – if you can even call it that – is A Softer World. This is my new favorite: