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Liz Makes Ravioli

Well, I helped:

This was my second year at my boyfriend’s family’s annual Ravioli Day. In a few hours we churned out 28 pounds of ravioli, 2 pounds per helper so John and I scored 4 pounds for our little homestead! I love this kind of family tradition, it is such a lovely thing to see the oldest generation alongside the youngest working together. Three years old to ninety years young! I’d love to hear about everyone else’s little traditions like this, they mean so much to a family.

Bon Appetit!


February Photo A Day

I’ve been keeping with Fat Mum Slim‘s photo challenges and today marks the start of month 3! Here are my photos from February’s photo a day challenge.

Clearly I’m enjoying the new Instagram filter “Sierra”. For March I’m going to try to be more diverse in which filters I choose. As always, follow me @lizbiro on Instagram and over at Liz Takes Photos for my Project 365.