22 Before 23

Going through my blog roll I read this post on Delightfully Tacky about being happy. Elizabeth writes, “Make a list of things you want to accomplish and do them. I find that lists like this work much better when they have a shorter time limit on them, such as 25 before 26 lists instead of bucket lists that you have your whole life to finish.” I think those are wise words, lady. I’m a little late in the year but I’m going to give myself 22 things to accomplish in the next 7 months, before I turn 23.

22 Before 23
1. Finish Yoga Teaching Certification
2. Blog regularly
3. Become employed. Pay Rent.
4. Become partially self-employed. Pay for other things.
5. Cook more often. Make dinner at home with whole ingredients once a week.
6. Work on draping skills
7. Make my apartment a home
8. Dye my hair blonde (!)
9. Make an effort to look nice at least 5 days a week
10. Take more pictures, carry around my DSLR.
11. Practice music again.
12. Visit Chicago (Hi Mike!)
13. Visit Montreal (Hi Kate!)
14. Learn more about wine.
15. Lower my cholesterol (lame, but important.)
16. Be more social
17. Work on sketching
18. Make a winter coat
19. Learn to meditate
20. Volunteer for Mighty Mutts
21. Get organized.
22. Throw a party

They’re not in any particular order, just how it all popped into my head. I am now accountable, internet. Hold me to it!

I guess I’ll check back in on this in July!


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