Temporary Art Installation

My apartment is still too fresh – too many things on the floor leaning against the walls, too many empty nails from the past tenants. I’m feeling kind of under the weather today so I decided to stay home and make some holes in the wall of my own.

These are just some things I’ve had hanging in past apartments: a warhol poster from college, a ascii snoopy from “Prudential’s Roseland Office, 1974” picked up at a flea market, the approval matrix from New York magazine in which I am “lowbrow and despicable”, a few photos including one of my grandmother in her prime, sent to my grandfather during WWII. A lot of little things that mean a lot to me! I know I’ll likely rearrange, or, you know, frame things instead of hanging things with paper clips. I hear adults frame their art?

Maybe one day.

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