So the bokeh link I posted before – such a win.

I found some orange duct tape (idk) and blue posterboard left over from a high school project and went to town:

I freehand cut the circle after holding up my lens to the posterboard and then cut a strip to go around the sides and even thought to cut a hole for the automatic/manual slider (I’m awesome). I cut a teeny heart in the middle of the circle (adorbs). I then botched some sort of structure with duct tape and voila! a perfectly functional bokeh.

This thing is sweet!

Then I tried a star just for funsies but this time I didn’t go downstairs to the christmas tree cause I’m lazy, but thankfully I have lights in my room year-round!

Only tip (an obvious one) is you set your focus on something really close and let the lights blur in the background – hence the automatic/manual access cut out. Though you can’t actually get to the lens to focus with the bokeh on (duh) you can focus on something close with automatic, pop it into manual while it’s stuck close and then you’re set ’til you have to refocus.


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One thought on “Bokeh

  1. chase! says:

    Hi Liz!!!

    Great post. I’ve read about this, but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Rest assured, I will be. I’ll post the results on my blog ( when I do.

    I miss you. I’ll be in Mendham on Monday or Tuesday (of next week) we should hang out (B&H trip?). 🙂

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